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Noosa is built on tourism. For us to win the match I needed to target the tourism industry. I learnt it, breathed it and became a part of it. I joined Tourism Noosa, Noosaville Business Association, BNI, Noosa Business Connect, the list goes on. I attend every tourism networking event on a weekly and monthly basis.

I take resort managers out to get a drink. I must know them on a personal level and became their friends. For us to win the game in Noosa we needed to understand the community. This is really where our marketing machine comes back into play. Laguna Pest Control host events for the Tourism Industry, we've got ant and bee mascots for xmas parades, our vehicles stand out in the crowd and our work shirts talk for themselves.

There will always be another pest control business that will come along and at times even do something better than you. Bear in mind, dont think of this as a hazard but much more as a challenge. Another match. Competition is great. Competitors give you the chance to boost your business. They are doing you a favour.



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Enjoy it and keep loving what you do. It is also important to keep in mind your opponents are not your enemies. Help each other out. You need each other to continue improving this industry. We are all in this match for exactly the exact same reason. If youre great at what you are doing, passionate in your job and also have a few tactical game motions, you are on a winning streak! .

We are a 100% family owned and operated Western Australian business, servicing the local market since 1999.

MOUNTAIN VIEW With an educational background in horticulture, Jim Darling originally planned to follow a livelihood in the landscaping industry. Little did he know, that was only a stepping stone to a larger professional opportunity. My brother-in-law, Jim Meredith, started J & M Termite Control, Inc. in 1973, '' he says.



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Afterwards, the landscape business partnership I had been in wasnt working out very well, therefore I decided to take him up on his offer. Eventually, he placed me in charge of the office, and when he retired in 2005, I purchased the company from him. .

Now, as right here owner of J & M Termite Control, Jim says the one component of his job he enjoys more than dealing with termites is dealing with individuals. I enjoy the social interaction of going to peoples houses and meeting them. A lot of our business is real estate inspections, so its always interesting to speak to individuals about their circumstances. .

A lifetime resident of the Bay Area, Jim lives in Pleasanton with his wife, Donna, in which he enjoys the temperate climate. Here on the Peninsula, we have some of the best weather in the entire world, '' he says. When I was in the Army, I had the opportunity to observe a lot of the United States, which convinced me that where I came out was one of the best places to live. .



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Outside of work, Jim engages in a variety of pastimes, particularly ones that take place outdoors. We've got a cabin in the mountains where we proceed to relax and kayak, he states. In addition, I enjoy gardening in the home, which goes back to my horticultural background. Additionally, Jim enjoys spending time with his grown sons, Kevin and Scott.

My younger son, Scott, functions in the pest control industry. He worked here in J & M for about 20 years, and hes currently working in the Los Angeles region. .

In his professional career, Jim espouses the importance of professional integrity. I believe in doing the best job you can and being honest and straightforward with people, he states. After more than 40 years in business, this company has earned an excellent reputation, but we have to keep earning it daily. .



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When asked the first thing hed do if he were to retire tomorrow, Jim says hed hit the open road. We've got a huge SUV that doesnt have a whole lot of miles on it, and that I think itd be fun to take it for a road trip. Ive always wanted to visit Glacier National Park, therefore Id probably drive there. .

Q: Would you have a favorite local restaurantA: I enjoy brew pubs and bar food, two of my favorites are Main Street Brewery and Redcoats, each of which are located in Pleasanton.

Q: Whats your favorite thing to do on a rainy day A: Read or work on anything home improvement project I have going.

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